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Information prepared by Trade Agencies

Russian trade agency abroad

The trade offices are a representative authority of a state abroad and are made on the basis of interstate agreement as a part of a state's plenipotentiary. Russian trade offices in foreign countries represent the interests of the Russian Federation in all questions of foreign economic activity including free assistance to the Russian companies and regions which are interested in accessing to foreign markets.

The main objectives of the trade offices are:

  • representation of interests of Russia in the field of foreign economic relations and protection of the interests; an effective state foreign economic policy and assistance in the development of the trade and economic relations of the territorial entities of the Russian Federation;
  • participation in the implementation of interstate trade and economic agreements;
  • protection of the economic interest of Russian exporters and importers, providing help in every kind of assistance in business contacts, development of new directions and forms of economic and scientific and technical cooperation;
  • monitoring and control of the implementation of bilateral trade and economic cooperation agreement;
  • participation in the promotion of equipment and high technology from Russia to the global market;
  • preparation of the material on the situation in product market, as well as information and advice assistance, assistance in  organization of trade exhibitions and advertising campaigns.

The Export Support Center of Penza region provides the export-oriented small and medium enterprises with the information and consulting services, including requests to the trade offices of the Russian Federation abroad.

List of Russian Trade Agencies

  • Prav Po
  • Korp Msp
  • Krpo
  • Ptpp
  • Adm Penza
  • Rec
  • Cpp
  • Mineco